Wednesday, January 16, 2008


You may have heard already of this shameful story.


Anonymous said...

The NYT shares the same bigotry.
Feyerabend's quote is taken from a lecture the then Cardinal Ratzinger gave at University of Parma in 1990. The wording of the article is such that it is easy to get the feeling that the Pope agrees with Feyerabend. On the contrary, Cardinal Ratzinger strongly criticized Feyerabend's thesis in the rest of his lecture.

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Anonymous or anyone else

Could you post a link to the full text of that speech? The media, just as they did with the pope's Regensburg address, has taken one sentence and blown it up.

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This links
points the relevant excerpt of the lecture in Italian. A reference to the entire text in German is
J. Ratzinger, Wendezeit für Europa? Diagnosen und Prognosen zur Lage von Kirche und Welt, Einsiedeln-Freiburg, Johannes Verlag, 1991, pp. 59 e 71.

There may be an English translation out there.