Sunday, January 18, 2009

Now that we think of it

Why should pastors run elementary schools?

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ordinarygirl said...

I live in a community without a Catholic school. My kids go to a public school. The Catholic school world I grew up in is gone and won't be back. I don't have a lot of time to debate how it all failed and what the loss means. What I need now is help raising my kids to keep our values and beliefs. I need to shore them up as much as possible. I'd like to see some articles on prominent Catholic media address that. Give me some advice, tell me some stories of people who have made it (even those who went to nonCatholic colleges and deepened their faith helps,) something else than homeschooling. Give me essay contests that bolster kids in the public school world instead of "What Catholic Schools Mean to me." Give me vibrant parish life instead of a handful of overworked volunteers or poorly paid staff. Give me the fellowship of other Catholic working moms.