Sunday, December 16, 2007

Baby tax

Mark Steyn is somewhat repetitious but he is quite a good writer.


ciellini said...

He's a funny writer, not necessarily a good one. Repeating "Europe is dying! Europe is dead!" over and over again, and taking a certain delight in doing so... it might be funny, but not profound. Not even nuanced.

Carlo said...

Actually, the point of this article is the growing derangement of the environmentalist ideology, isn't it?

ciellini said...

"Growing"? It's grown! We've known that there are crazy people in the environmental movement since the "Earth Summit" in Rio in 1992. Mark Steyn himself has written at least 30 articles about crazy environmentalists. Maybe that is why I was not moved to read this latest one... He is very funny, but at the end of the day, reading Steyn isn't very productive in my opinion. No new ideas, same old fights against the same old ideological enemies. Even when he's right, he's boring. And his next article will probably mention the demographic crisis of Europe, just wait.