Thursday, November 29, 2007


The Blair controversy is kind of interesting. On one hand, of course, only God knows anybody's faith. On the other hand, one is left with the feeling that there is something missing here. Not moral consistency (who can claim that?), but rather a clear link to an authority, to an "other" that makes Christianity an objective reality.
Otherwise...everything will remain at the level of "opinion" and the decisive criterion will always be of their choosing, whereas the drama of conversion is to feel oneself called back to an objective Truth...and to acknowledge the concrete presence of a reality that is Christ's mystery in history, in the Church. (The Journey to truth is an experience, p. 89)

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Freder1ck said...

now that you mention it, it does have something of a deathbed conversion quality to it. Afterwards, however, who knows? Maybe he'll be like Corneille's Polyeucte...