Monday, May 28, 2007

Tom Cruise Wants Your Child to Find his Inner Thetan

This rather chilling article from the St. Petersburg Times gives an idea of the dangerous state of flux that characterizes public education. In devastated areas of Louisiana Scientology advocates like Tom Cruise and John Travolta have introduced their methods into public schools. The moral of the story: when education is divorced from tradition and simply becomes a matter of "skills" and "techniques" students are vulnerable to manipulation by the rich and powerful.
In case you were wondering, Scientology's "study technology" program is headquartered in the former retirement home of a Catholic religious order near St. Luis. Read more...


Anna said...

You are stupid writer!
Why do you put Cruise name it here?

Are you scare to mention scientology in your title or to mention Miscavige, the head of CoS?

Lame, just using celebrities, I want to puke.

joe poole said...

As for St. Petersburg Times, see also the following link: an article detailing one professor's 2 year experience at a historically black college. He gave up.