Saturday, March 31, 2007

A good Catholic...

who never had a Catholic thought in his whole life. Joshka Fisher is so representative of the 1968 generation in Europe:
a) A Catholic.
b) Who was taught a completely moralistic understanding of his faith (still today he identifies Catholicism with a Manichean good vs. evil world view).
c) Who thus embraced a utopian ideology completely removed from the realistic Catholic view of the human condition (Glucksmann is right!).


AgainstTheIdolsOfTheAge said...

But at least Fischer was part of the 68 rebellions which rebelled, however irrationally, against the tyrannical hegemony of banal, bourgeois existence which to this day has a stranglehold within the "developed" world. METRO-BOULOT-DODO. That's how it is. No wonder then, that the Catholic monk Thomas Merton, in one of his crazier moments, called the soixant-huitards "monks", and that Don Giussani quotes a piece of '68 graffiti in The Religious Sense: "LA PRESENCE. SEULEMENT LA PRESENCE!!"

Crossroads said...

Pasolini,a communist, pointed out that, at least in Italy, the 1968 rebellion was a game in which the spoiled brats of the bourgeoise (the students) threw stones at the children of the poor (the policemen). The unavoidable conclusion was predicted, 20 years in advance, by Augusto Del Noce, the great Italian philosopher: the Marxist rebellion was "doomed to lead to the perfect bourgeois type, freed from all the XIX century Christian encrustations." Which IT DID! Just look at Joshka sitting in Princeton smoking a sigar and talking to the Wall Street Journal! The thing I will grant you was that in 1968 Giussani was the only one who had a proposal with the potential of answering what the age was confusedly looking for . What he got for it were firebombs. I suspect that Thomas Merton, on the other hand, did not know what he was talking about.