Sunday, December 24, 2006


The NYTimes story on hispanic catholics in LA is interesting. The conclusion, though, is questionable: whether this is a false dawn or a true rebirth will be not be determined by how much the Church will focus on social justice per se. It will be determined by how much it will focus on Christ, and by the kind of education this people will receive. Unfortunately, the priests interviewed in the article seem to have other concerns.


Anonymous said...

This article could be a special ocassion for our movement to think about the Hispanic presence among us. In my opinion as a Latin Fraternity member is that we are completely absent in many of our meetings My own experience has been that inside of the SOC were I have been, we are judged according to stereotypes. What are doing the NY central office to educate the state responsibles and local leaders about the Hispanic reality? Nothing, till I know; indifference is the reigning attitude.

Another example, how many links do you see in this blog left column that links to one of the thousand of Spanish languages news services? NONE. But we have links to German pages, like SPIEGEL, French, Italian and British. There are absences that can be like a cry about how we think.

Today is Christmas, a new history beginning, also can be a new begining for our loved movement to change and tto try to be more inclusive.

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymus,
my name is Angelo Sala and I am one of the 4 founders of Crossroads. I thank you for your concern. It is true that, as far as I am concerned, I have not been particularly attentve to the Hispanic presence among us. I think that you could help Crossroads to become more aware about it. I also agree with you that Crossroads' blog should have links to Spanish languages news.Do you have any suggestions about which one would be good? I, therefore, invite you to get in contact with someone in Crossroads.

PS As to the other issues concerning the movement of Communion and Liberation, I also invite you to get in contact with them. I would ask you, if possible, not to use the Crossroads blogs to speak about issues or send suggestions which are not strictly pertinent to Crossroads.