Monday, November 27, 2006


A piece on Hezbollah activities in Venezuela. If you follow the links you will find some interesting materials on the "theologia islamo-christiana de la liberacion."

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Anonymous said...

How's possible to refer to a private subjetive website that says:

"Our pages are not meant to be a substitute for any professional investment advice, academic research, or journalistic endeavor . The opinions of others do not necessarily represent our own. We are not specialists in politics, economics, or law. Everything contained on our pages reflects our criteria regarding pertinent information, but we do not claim responsibility for the opinions or facts published herein."

What is the relevance of a private webpage without credibility? What do you understand for that theological monster that you describe as "theologia islamo-christiana de la liberacion"? Where do you read about Islam and about "teología de la liberación" that you can mix them in this way?

One relevant article that instead of this one should be read is about the Pope occuping the front page of one of the most important secular French newspapers magazines, "Le Figaro Magazine."