Monday, July 24, 2006

"what else is there to see?"

This review of the last novel by John Updike captures well the symbiotic relationship between Islamist ideology and our own nihilism.


Anonymous said...

In June 2004 "Traces" Spanish edition issue, one of the recommended Summer readings was the Spanish translation of "Cento domande sull´islam", intervista a Samir Khalil Samir a cura di Giorgio Paolucci e Camille Eid, Marietti 1820, Genova, 2002, pagine 230, euro 13,00. Disgracefully I do not know an English translation, but there is a Spanish translation(Cien preguntas sobre el islam).

This is an excellent book to understand what is the Islam according to one of the most important Catholic scholars specialized in it, Samir Khalil Samir. He is a theologian and a Jesuit priest.

Anonymous said...

The French Swiss newspaper "Le Temps" published a brief, but good analysis about Europe and Islam, "DOSSIER : L'islam en Europe". It analyses several countries in its own particular situation. The great absent is Spain.

Access to it is free.